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New Solar Energy

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New Solar Energy Empty New Solar Energy

Post  Admin on Mon May 11, 2009 4:32 pm

New Solar Energy

Today by the word ‘CRUNCH’ we don’t mean chocolate like perk or wafers, it cruelly indicates ‘CRISIS’ and it has proved to be the most threatening and famous word of the previous year as well as the present year. Almost all the world has fallen in the ditch of financial crunch, food crunch and energy crunch.

Economists and financial experts all over the world are thinking hard about the ‘way out’. Un-like the rest of the world, Pakistan observed energy crunch in the form of ‘long unannounced load shedding hours’, which affected not only the individuals but also the businesses operating within Pakistan. The need of the hour is to think like a true leader and entrepreneur in order to solve this energy crisis.

SOLAR ENERGY or Solar Cell is the key idea which gives a light of hope towards finding the solution of this ‘energy crises. Solar cells are not very famous in Pakistan and still a lot of research is needed to be done on these solar panels in order to reduce high costs. Although solar cell is very expensive but in my opinion this cost can be reduced by doing more research on these solar cells. Solar panels are successfully used and applied in many other countries of the world like, Germany and France.

The positive point about solar cells is that after the initial investment there are no electricity bills afterwards. Houses and factories having solar cells will not face long hour load shedding and like this industrial as well as the agricultural sector will flourish. Solar cells are believed to be a wise life time investment.

When we think about the major stopping factor in this business idea, which is its high purchasing cost, we might feel that we can’t afford making a solar cell. But let me remind you dear country fellows…if we can make an atom bomb then we can make a solar cell as well suiting and assisting us in many ways.

Business can run with innovation and new ideas. And a successful businessman is the one who has the ability to see the old things in a new combination for new uses.

Being a young entrepreneur mind student/professional we should come up with solutions and ideas in order to assist our country.

And it’s a famous business quotation that;
‘An idea to which all agree at once without resistance is not a good business idea’

Innovation and new things always bring resistance, uncertainties, doubts and objections…but even then it does not prove that the innovative idea is defective and impractical. Everything is possible only if we dare to believe and act.

With solar energy there is no need of the burning of natural resources and no pollution is caused.

Government should take initiative in this solar energy and solar cell plan and business idea in order to make it successful and to reduce and control the energy crisis with in Pakistan. Remember developing countries like Pakistan can’t afford the aftermath of this energy crisis so we should start looking for alternatives and energy producing methods which may benefit the country in the long run.

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