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The Final "JIHAD"

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The Final "JIHAD" Empty The Final "JIHAD"

Post  Admin on Sat May 09, 2009 12:10 pm

The age old story, this time in a new more appealing package. As I read somewhere “ANOTHER PRESCRIPTION OF WAR FOR THE MUSLIMS”. Striking headline, catchy isn’t it? Makes newspapers sell and poor Muslims can’t do a thing about it. Israel & America are tyrants, everyone is opposing them? Hmm... Isn’t everyone opposing them? I mean I’m sure everyone feels horrible about it and prays to Allah for this to stop, but why aren’t there any processions or why isn’t any immediate and strict action being taken against this whole situation? The Arab and Muslim Leagues are gathering and talking about peace talks! When there aren’t signs of peace anywhere! Israel is doing what it wants, U.S.A knows that if it attacks Lebanon by itself then even the American citizens and all of its alliances will leave it do Die... so it hides behind Israel so it can clear its way of Lebanon and Syria and get to Iran at which point America will say ok I can take over now.

This is the 3rd Muslim country on the verge of destruction in the past 3 years and all Muslims can do is go to the U.N and ask for peace talks. It sickens me to see that we do nothing except talk and try to talk... When they give us a chance to talk Lebanon will have been eradicated. Condoleezza Rice herself said that ‘they want a new Middle East’. Soon it will be “We want a new world”. How can Muslims tolerate anyone saying anything like that? Don’t we have an identity? Or have we lost all of our culture to theirs. We wear their clothes, watch T.V like them, we prefer their food over ours, we write songs like them. First China was addicted to cocaine. But our addiction is even worse we're addicted to technology! Technology that is being prepared under our own noses in Asia exported overseas and sent back to us to buy! Our media is reliant to such an extent on theirs but we're recovering from that... We were for so long relying on their media to tell us what was going on and make it our headlines... they will always only tell their side of the story, but Muslims aren’t doing anything!

Coming back to Pakistan; we made Pakistan ALHAMDULILAH but have forgotten what the base of it stand upon, ISLAM. Islam doesn’t teach resentment, hatred, bias, distinction etc, yet we have all of that coursing through our veins, embedded in our brains, embossed on our foreheads, tattooed into our skin! We should be raised to be Muslims not Shia’s Sunni’s etc. I am and will always remain only a Muslim PERIOD! Yet nowadays even teachers think of it as a responsibility to ask children whether they are Shia or Sunni or what their cast is etc. Is this what we want to teach our children? We condemn the behavior of Israeli children signing autographs on the missiles yet we knowingly sow the same seed of hatred in the hearts of our own children!

I have seen so many Pakistani’s condemn Arabs saying that they are lazy and have shamed the name of Islam, so on and so forth. But are we any different? We have a problem with politicians, with the Army, the Arabs, the Foreigners, the Shia Maulanas, the Sunni Maulanas, our neighbours, our relatives, our friends, the driver in the traffic lane in front of us, the rich, the poor, the middle class, the Punjabis , the Pathans, the Sindis, the Bloch’s, the Kashmiris, the list is virtually endless. Everyone has faults admitted but is thinking that every person has a folly except me rational? With so much of hatred in our hearts for everyone around us how are we ever going to get to any solution for peace? Are we even trying?
I read a brother wrote that U.N was Impotent because it was doing nothing and that such an organization should be dissolved which acts as a mere puppet to the U.S.A. But I wonder who the real Impotent is?

I ask you where is the Faith in ALLAH. Muslims fear that the U.S forces are in the Middle East and in Asia; we are scared that they have their Air force, Naval and Land forces all around Asia. So incase of war we have no chance? Where is TAWAKAL ALA ALLAH? Why do we fear anyone when we know that we all have to die one day and death can’t even come close to us if it isn’t Allah’s command? What have we to loose? Or maybe I should say “What more have we to loose?”
Will we wait for another 50 years till the whole of Muslim world is conquered by the West and it becomes the New world that it wishes.

We have this horrible habit of pulling each others leg. It has become common to the extent that nowadays we don’t bother to pull anyone’s legs we straight away pull away the earth they are standing on. In the constant struggle to get ahead people have become morally deprave and will go to any extent to get ahead. This practice is common in fact customary in Pakistan. For some unknown and bizarre reason people think that employing people who’ve completed their education from foreign or better yet Foreigners are much more credible than even the cream in our own country. It’s no wonder why our talent keeps running outside for more opportunity to express itself and then we think of reasons why we are backward and under developed! This practice is also sadly common in our Middle Eastern Countries where people give priority to foreigners over those belonging to 3rd World Countries especially Muslims.

We’re drowning in comfort! Cozy in the lap of luxury and all we can do is pay charity and send aid to our needy brothers in Islam and still wait for more unfruitful talks.


1. U.S.A vetoed against the resolution to stop unjust war against Lebanon.
2. They say that they would stop war but the threat has to be eliminated first (was there ever any threat to begin with? Has the U.S.A eliminated what they claimed to be terrorist organizations hiding in Afghanistan? NO! Did the U.S.A find war weapons or chemical war weapons for which they dug out and destroyed Iraq? NO! Does Israel really need to kill millions of innocent people for its 2 soldiers?
3. The U.S.A asked Israel if it would like to send Aid to Lebanon now that there is shortage of medic and other supplies. Israel is considering the proposal. What is funny in this scenario is that common sense could point out that if they didn’t kill any people they wouldn’t need to consider sending aid!

They’ve killed millions of us, and you know what the irony of it all is... we’d rather die at home, or sitting in our homes when a bomb strikes than actually go out there and tell them to stop unjust attacks and if they don’t then we could die protecting our identity.

It makes me wonder “who are the unbelievers?” them or us? Do we believe that if we take a step to eradicate all evil amongst our nations and everything bad around the world that Allah would have our back? Do we believe that we have to do back and face Him and the way we are living our lives ignorant of the pain and suffering of people all around us will He not Judge us? Do we really believe that this life is a test? If yes then why aren’t we picking up our pens and solving our problems? A thing about MCQ tests is that they are very similar to our lives. For every right answer we get a point. (this right answer is our prayer that we don’t have time for and the good deed that we seldom do), for every wrong answer there is a negative mark (for every bad deed we will be judged and punished) and for every question left unanswered we get a Zero (for the time we waste doing nothing, we will never know if we could have gotten a plus or a minus mark, an opportunity wasted nevertheless. Right now in the chart sheet of Muslim Stand I can see Big ZEROS and there is a column that says for every zero there were unfruitful talks!

No one asks Muslims to be offensive but defending ourselves isn’t that basic human nature? Are we waiting to be destroyed first and then we will wait for American troops to come and wipe the debris off our lands, debris of our people, our homes, our civilization! Funny part is we might even pay them to do this for us because we’re too good to do such low life work, aren’t we?

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S) said that "There is no precedence of an Arab over a Non Arab, or a white person over a black and vice versa" are we practicing that?! Looks like even the simple rules of humanity have deserted us. We fight within ourselves; we burn our own country, same old story, the age old trick that still works... DIVIDE AND RULE! Why is it so hard for Muslims to see that first we need to stop others from killing us, and then we’ll have enough time to kill amongst ourselves!

Alas, this may look to some as an emotional rampage but it’s the truth is that it’s not even funny. Sorry for not being able to inculcate humor which is a necessity because only the comics nowadays have the guts to say the truth. It’s like the orthodox ages when only the jesters could mock the tyrant ruler.

May Allah (S.W.T) open our eyes our minds and our hearts to the right path, and help us protect our identity and defend what is righteous! Ameen!

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