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Survival of the Muslims. Empty
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Survival of the Muslims.

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Survival of the Muslims. Empty Survival of the Muslims.

Post  Admin on Sat May 09, 2009 12:11 pm

Survival is the state of continuing to live or exist often in spite of difficulty or danger. From this definition of survival it is clear that only such a thing, place or nation requires survival that is in danger of extinction. Taking a view of the present circumstances, the nation in need of survival today is the Muslim Ummah.

The endangering aspect for the Muslim survival is the non Muslim nations specially the ruling Western countries.
Let us consider the jeopardized Muslim countries of the world. Today Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia, Iran, Kashmir and Palestine are the Muslim countries oppressed by the western countries. U.N.O., a puppet of the USA is no longer dependable. Never in history have the Muslims been in a more deplorable state than today. The western countries have united against the Muslims. France, Russia, Germany and the most prominent and active USA and Britain are working together to annihilate the Muslims. Whatever they are, the Muslims have been labeled “Terrorists”. The western media which is today the most effective form of communication has portrayed Muslims, Islam and terrorism as having one and the same meaning. There is no mentioning of Muslims or Islam except as cruel, barbarous, heartless, dictators, extremists or raging terrorists, trying to harm, mutilate and maim innocent people.

There are several causes for the sad state of affairs of Muslims. First of all the true meaning of a consolidated, united Muslim Ummah has been lost. The Muslims have forgone their Islamic values, heritage and culture. They have indulged themselves in blind imitation of the west. The desire to become “Modern” (the western introduced concept) has overtaken the Muslims and is effective in erasing their independent, distinguishing Muslim identity. In this way because of following west, the Muslims are one active factor in their own extinction.

Secondly, the Muslims are not ready to learn technological advancements and thus are not able to keep pace with the prospering countries of the world. Due to this backwardness the Muslims are not able to protect their rights in the present circumstances. There was a time when Muslims were the pioneers of scientific knowledge and discovery but today they have lost this thirst for knowledge and learning. Therefore the advanced countries can take advantage of their deplorable condition.

Another dilemma faced by the Muslims is that of incapable and corrupt leadership. Where loss of Islamic values has plagued the civilian Muslims, the rulers have become the most vulnerable to this practice. The desires and greed of the Muslim leaders do not allow them to fulfill their responsibilities and duties in a proper manner. They are oblivious to the dire need for a strong leadership in order to anchor the sinking Muslim ship.

Many of the Muslim counties possess natural wealth. The Arab is blessed with oil. This has become all the more reason for the western countries to subjugate the wealthy Muslim countries and obtain their riches. The Iraq war and the Afghanistan occupation are a clear proof of it.

However even in these bleak circumstances there is still hope. If the Muslims firmly hold onto the Islamic principles, values and ways of life then there is no over-taking them. Islam in itself is the greatest way to success and prosperity both in this world and the hereafter. If only Muslims become staunch on their beliefs, they can regain the lost Muslim glory of the olden days. Making the west their ideal the Muslims have started walking on the path of self-destruction. By following Islam in the letter and spirit, they can overcome all difficulties and the present crisis.

Survival of the Muslims

The only way of survival for the Muslims today is unity. As the western powers have united and are active in bringing about the wrath of the Muslims, the need of the hour is that the Muslim should unite to counter this unanimous attack of the west.

The silence of the Muslim world on the attack of Unites States on Afghanistan gave them the incentive to attack Iraq. Had the Muslims raised a united protest against the US overtaking, Iraq would not have become the next target. Instead of becoming united, the Muslim countries have fought many times among themselves, thus inviting foreign occupation. For example, Iraq-Iran Wars, the Attack of Iraq on Saudi Arabia and many other wars.

The Muslim countries should give full attention to the educational field, getting equipped with the proper knowledge; technologies, only then they can protect their countries. By establishing trade with in different Muslim countries they can help each other in moving forward instead of asking for aid from the west. Only then can they become independent in the true sense.

Educated, talented and dedicated leadership is required for the Muslim countries. The Muslims should work to derive out corruption, bribery, dishonesty and other vices and social evils from their set up. They should take measures to bring a selfless leadership in power as absence of it stands as the greatest hindrance in the way to Muslim progress.

For the survival of the muslims they should follow the example of the great Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.), the greatest leader of humanity, and follow the Holy Quran. There are countless examples of great men in the Muslim history who have stood all kinds of challenges and were victorious. The Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, Muhammad Bin Qasim, Tariq Bin Ziyad, Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar and Sheikh Mujadid-Alf-Sani all stand as shinning beacons of light to provide guidance to wavering Muslims of today.

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