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Do Pakistani Movies Represent the Culture of Pakistan?

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Do Pakistani Movies Represent the Culture of Pakistan?

Post  Admin on Tue May 12, 2009 8:45 am

Have you ever watched a Pakistani movie? I know your answer. You will surely think of me a fool and give nasty expressions. You might doubt my taste of entertainment and movies. Most obviously, your answer will be an absolute “NO”.

This radical disliking to these movies by we Pakistanis ourselves is positively due to the clear mismatch to our culture. Unfortunately, we like to watch Indian movies but Pakistani movies stand nowhere on our priority list. The lamp of Pakistani film industry is blowing out slowly and gradually because they do not have a market value.

There had been glorious times and golden reigns when Pakistani films had a remarkably high viewer ship. People were greatly fond of the refined and superior quality of our movies and melodious music. But why all that is lost today? Does somebody can answer?

The main reason behind this problem is that we have moved very far away from our own culture. It is human nature and psychology that one does not adapt to an environment; one is not fit into easily. As far as our movies communicated our own rites, rituals and customs, people were inclined to them. By now, when the adulteration of our culture is exhibited in the movies, people hesitate to put an eye upon these.

Do these obscene views in the movie are present in our villages? Do the innocent girl of a town dances in the fields with indecent clothes? Does our culture, ranging back to centuries, gives any evidence of the vulgarity shown in our Punjabi movies? Do the names of such movies, which we feel ashamed to hear, relate to our moral values? No. That is the reason why we are not inclined to watch these movies which do not fit our norms.

Here the question arises that if we don’t want to watch these Pakistani movies, then why we waste our three to four hours to watch Indian movies, although many of these movies also depict obscenity and indecency? Our minds have accepted that it is Indian culture being shown in those movies and it is appropriate for them to promote it. We consider it correct and right. There is nothing wrong in it to depict one’s own culture. The purpose is not to criticize Indian movies but to think why Pakistani movies are lagging behind rendering a loss to film industry and our economy.

Another problematic issue is that, our film-makers are becoming copy-cats. They are trying to make their films similar to that of the Indian ones to increase the viewer ship as they think that people like those more. While trying to do so, they neglect the requirements and demands of our own culture, and there is no positive result. The situation remains as it was before. People still don’t want to go to cinemas for healthy recreation nor do they want to watch these movies with their families.

Pakistani movies’ names are enough to take the viewer away from the cinema hall. What do you think that the names like “Wehshi Ghunda”, “Shikaari Haseena”, “Gujjar Da Kharaak” etc. can convey to people? Do these names can have any attraction or source of a healthy entertainment? Can these names bring fame and pride to our film industry? Rather some of these names are so indecent and shameful to be mentioned here or to be listened. This is a point where we have to think and take progressive steps to lead towards prosperity. Our own productions must be as strong and effective to bring repute and splendor to our film industry and country. “Khuda Kay Liye” has proved to be a great breakthrough. Such efforts can positively make a difference.

One cannot be successful by cutting of one’s roots. Our roots lie in our traditions, customs, rites, norms and most of all our religion. We must depict our traditions and civilization in our movies or any other media, so as to provide knowledge of our traditions to our generations. Our culture is our identity. No individual or nation can be successful in any field of life, if it neglects or cuts off itself from its roots. So is applicable for the film industry. We must stick on to our own culture and devise our paths ourselves to move forward towards success. Nothing can be attained by begging for a ray of light from somebody else’s lamp, so why not light one’s own lamp using the oil of hard work, devotion and consistency? Think....

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